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Digital Marketing Agency Bangkok Thailand

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Digital Marketing Services.

We deliver and service fully-integrated proven digital marketing solutions.
As your digital agency partner in Bangkok, Thailand we are here to support all your brands digital needs.

Digital Strategy

We develop and execute strategies centred around your objectives. Digital channels that target your audience effectively & efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

We help you reach your target audience with attractive content that convert. We specialise in ROI-driven social strategies.


Increase your search engine rankings. We help your business to be found at the top of page 1 and stay ahead of the competition.

Performance Media

We use custom models and tools for targeted PPC campaigns. Effective way to reach your target audience immediately.

E-Commerce Marketing

We’ll ensure that your products are seen by your target customers who are looking to buy. Increase sales to your online store today.

Content Marketing

Revamp how your business looks and sounds. Stand out from the crowd with result-driven video & picture content.

40 +
2 + THB Billion
Spent On Online Advertising
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Your marketing performance is not about media choice. It's about digital agency choice.

We help your company grow with creative & data-driven digital marketing. Based in Bangkok, Thailand our team work as an extension of your in-house team providing strategy, content, technical support and execution.

Our international team of experts produce tailored strategic and technical edge to transform your business and help thrive in a digital world. Our experience is based on working with industry leaders in Thailand & International.

In addition to striving to be the leading digital marketing agency in Thailand when it comes to digital business development and marketing, we believe a direct and transparent collaboration is essential to building long lasting relationships with our clients. It is our ambition to enter a meaningful partnership with you, where we truly can make a difference and where a combination of expertise, hard work and values such as trust and transparency is the foundation of a successful long-term collaboration.


What Clients Say.

Since 2019 IBEX has created great video content for multiple projects, from restaurants, to events. Most importantly they have taught us valuable insights about how make the most from our digital marketing investments.
Camilla Davis
Minor Hotels
IBEX has helped us with digital marketing for the entire hotel. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a digital marketing agency,
Skyview Hotel
I've worked with IBEX on many projects. Always met and exceeded our expectations. Great team and customer-centric digital agency.
Rachan Samee
Radisson Blu

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ROI-Driven Digital Agency In Bangkok, Thailand

It goes without saying that digital marketing must be profitable, both in terms of handling and spend. This is why we focus on generating results, growth, and value for your business. For this reason, every client has a custom real-time performance dashboard and monthly reporting. They summarise the current performance, the previous month’s progress and what work is scheduled for the coming months. However, if we see that progress cannot be performed, both IBEX and you must be able to terminate the collaboration so that it does not become a negative investment for you. As a result, we have no binding contracts, so it will always be possible to stop our collaboration. 

We don’t work based on our gut feelings, but rather on data, experience, and using the latest technologies. It is possible because of the many clients with whom we have worked over the years. Digital marketing is an investment, and like any other investment, it must be profitable and add value to your company, which is one of our most important considerations.

We ensure that tracking is set up properly so we can demonstrate that the digital marketing we do works, but also so that you are secure. With over 200+ cases handled, we understand the process and communication required for a successful outcome. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to observe how marketing works and learn more about the operation and results. Because just because we’re always hands-on doesn’t mean you can’t be, too.

We are ambitious and focused on providing the best customer experience possible through collaboration, results, and security. So we ensure that you as a client are happy with our collaboration. We will always do our best to include you and keep you informed throughout the process – after all, it is your business that is in focus. We intend to make this happen through a transparent process in which you, the client, are involved the entire time, and our services are of course without start-up costs and lock-in contracts.

Because we have no lock-in contracts, you are free to terminate the collaboration if the results fall short of your expectations. We do not want to work for clients where we will not be able to contribute to a profitable business, so we operate on the principle of “no compromise – only results.” No commitment also implies that we must perform each month and cannot rest on our laurels in order to keep you as a client.

Furthermore, we are extremely ambitious not only for ourselves, but also for you. Every month, we want to win and show you and our competitors that we can always do better.

Digital Agency Bangkok THailand

Data-driven Digital Marketing Agency

One of the most obvious points that separates online marketing from offline marketing is the data which can be used in online marketing. If you put your brand on a billboard on the highway, you don’t know how many people have actually seen your message, or how many people responded to it. With the help of data from online marketing, you no longer have to guess what is the best solution.

Through digital marketing on digital platforms like SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing or Facebook advertising, you will always know the exact numbers such as how many people visit your website, how many have interacted with your ad, and how many saw your ad and accessed your website and what they buy. As a result, the visitor can be tracked across all platforms. This means you’ll always know how much you get back for your money spent, and you can use that information to optimise ads, such as which target groups to target, which techniques to use, and much more. In this way, you can increase the revenue online and the company’s growth.

The same applies for your website or eCommerce development. We know that it requires experience and data getting the best conditions for conversion, speed and user experience. There can be a significant difference between industries in terms of how a website should be built and what type of user experience should be prioritised, but we know our clients.

As a digital agency, we have collected a large amount of data from various industries and target groups through 200+ cases. When you choose a partner like us, you suddenly gain access to vast industry knowledge that you can apply to your digital marketing strategy. We are already excited to get to know you and your target audience better!

Frequently Asked Questions.

The cost of digital marketing varies depending on the digital marketing company in Thailand you choose and their pricing structure. But we’d like to give you an idea of what we offer in terms of pricing. We offer fixed packages but also tailor-made solutions.

Before we suggest a package or present a tailor-made solution, we always conduct an analysis of your online presence and recommend which digital platforms to use. Following that, we will prepare an estimated return of investment, as well as our plan for the process. In a meeting with you, we review and organise the process for you to have an easy and transparent overview. 

After the process has been approved, we will provide a price based on the work to be done in order to achieve the objectives we have set for the collaboration.

On average our services costs THB 20,000 – 40,000 / month per platform. This includes brand and market research, defining business goals and the best approach, digital strategy, tracking implementation, content marketing creation, setting up ads, optimisation, real-time performance dashboard, reporting and on-going support. The price can vary depending on how competitive your market is and how much work needs to be done to achieve desired results.

In addition to our service fee, there is an advertising spend, which is a budget that goes directly to the platform on which you want to advertise. We recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of THB 30,000 / month depending on the size of your company, product range and goals. You can scale your ad accounts infinitely and get an even better return as long as you have a reasonable return on ad spend (ROAS). The reason we say THB 30,000 / month for ad spend as a rule of thumb is that if you don’t have any data on the paid platform you want to advertise on, it costs to obtain a good database, data insights and ad account learnings that can be the foundation for continued growth and your desired return on investment.

A digital strategy can be very important to your company’s future success. Below you can find a list of reasons why you should invest in online advertising.

  • Be present where your customers are – We can’t deny that the digital world has become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, and as such, it has a significant impact on us. In addition, eCommerce has grown in popularity, making it critical to be visible and present online. With digital platforms it is also possible your target audience can find your company any time of the day. 
  • Beat your competition – By implementing the right digital marketing strategy you can be ahead of the curve and explore business opportunities before your competition. By identifying your digital opportunities in your industry, you can increase market share and achieve the marketing position you desire in the market. 
  • Adaptability – Many work in industries where it is critical to be adaptable and keep up with emerging trends. With a digital strategy, you can adapt more quickly, giving your company a significant advantage. Your company will be ready when a digital disruption occurs that may affect your product or service.
  • Transparent brand experience – The customer should have the same experience regardless of which platform they encounter. A well-developed digital strategy can assist in meeting this goal.
  • Concentrate your efforts on digital platforms – By utilising online marketing, your company is also forced to consider which channels it wishes to be present on. As a result, your company can gain a more focused view of its efforts and avoid wasting time.
  • The user journey and touchpoints – Because you can now identify whether your customers meet your company in the right places, the right way, and at the right time, online marketing can help improve their touchpoints with your company. Reaching out to customers at the right time can help you achieve your goals.

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